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Club Granted £165,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund

Royal Tarlair Golf Club has received £165,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund for a carbon reduction project that will install replacement windows, insulation, draught proofing, LED Lighting and water reduction measures to reduce energy use and carbon emissions at their clubhouse in Macduff. The obvious reduction in energy use will impact on their energy bills and also   help tackle mindsets on climate change and ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. The facility is used throughout the year by various community groups and the project will work with them to provide advice on how they can reduce their own energy use, carbon emissions and costs by adopting energy efficient measures and lower carbon transport options such as lift sharing.
Club Captain and Club development co-ordinator Alan Still said, ”We are obviously delighted to have been successful with our Climate Challenge Fund application. There has been a fair bit of time, effort and research put in towards gaining this funding package which enables us to roll out the project to our community. When the club changed its constitution to streamline the joining application, it more or less opened its doors to embrace the whole community. Another key factor towards a Challenge Fund application was our Energy Audit that highlighted areas where we were losing money through having a very limited knowledge on energy efficiency matters.         
Golf Club officials have also been speaking with other sports groups with a long term view towards forming a Community Sports Hub for Macduff, a project which is governed by Sportscotland and the Scottish Government and is supported by Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeenshire Sports Council. We have also been collectively working with them to ensure the new Myrus Community Centre is a custom fit for Macduff.

The CCF will fund clubhouse and locker room upgrades at our facility aimed at reducing heat loss and which will see huge steps taken on energy efficiency improvements. Close working with Home Energy Scotland will see Royal Tarlair Golf Club act as a base for people to access information on energy efficiency advice with information on how to access grants that will help them with measures which in turn will impact positively on utility bills. As we already work closely with community groups on other projects, we have the potential to reach out to at least two thirds of the community and with proper signposting and advertising we aim to make sure that everyone in Macduff will have the opportunity to gain some knowledge on how to reduce their carbon footprint and save money at the same time.” 

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